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michael chasseur

Horde Lebensraum - Geminate

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Horde is moving to Geminate

  • Purpose: living space
    • Fade has become overcrowded, additional krab space is needed to feed the masses
  • Who lives there now: RUS
    • DRF is vacating to the South East, leaving the vast steppes of Geminate vacant
  • Who will take Fade: presumably GOTG
    • they will surely fill out the soon-to-be-vacated space with more renters
  • What does Horde gain: krab space, better secs, better logistics, better roaming space
    • the krabbing is better in Geminate, albeit more risky concerning hot drops
    • EZ mode logistics from nearby Forge
    • EZ mode roaming to min/amarr FW space, less involved roaming to TEST, Curse, other nerds

will they feed, will they dunk, will they get bored and move again

personally i think this will be drop and counter-drop city


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