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  1. Tri managed to lose a load of logi to bombs as well as an IHUB for a system that was ferrying a shitload of freighters to a sotiyo. So RIP some super jobs.
  2. Delve now is a pretty good case for pve sprawl. Ordinarily it's exceedingly difficult to fly a t1 frigate through delve because of the sheer number of people willing to camp a gate in a super and no way to generally avoid them to still find a fight against a dumb interceptor pilot. Now it's some sort of Mecca for roaming gangs since Goons are feeding impossibly hard to absolute garbage because they can't hide behind an impossibly dense wall of players
  3. "If you don't let us 1v1 you're what's killing the game" -test 2017
  4. 2017-05-16 14:52:10 - [MCAEL] Morbid Malice: I would agree with Civil on the numbers. I understand the "quality" over "quantity" philosophy. I would like to see TRI as a 2k person alliance though. Ive been playing Eve for just shy over 2 years now, so I can speak as a younger player but not a seasoned vet like the majority. I literally buy skill injectors from ratting when I can, to get alts into the doctrine ships as needed. Rinse and repeat. I have my main which can fly pretty much doctrine everything including mino/nag but had to adjust to train a new alt for nag. I trained and built a super on a alt i made and fitted. Spent 6 bill in injectors on another alt for a sabre pilot from scratch (remember shadow cartel legion fight on gate?) Now I have another alt training to be a titan pilot and currentlly the build project is a Ragnarok. This was the goal I set for myself not to be a "scrub"from hearing the rumblings from leadership since MCAEL joined. ....In MCAEL we dont sugarcoat the high standards new corpmates must meet when joining, as am sure the rest of Tri corps do the same. What sets TRI up to be successful IMHO is the quality of our FC team, they are second to none. We can fight outnumbered or "batphone" but I always have confidence in the FCs to win the day. 2017-05-16 14:52:15 - [MCAEL] Morbid Malice: Thats why MCAEL wanted to join TRI. As in Venal, our numbers were lacking on the GOTG fights severly. I would recommend putting thought to pen with a proposed timeline of what ships are required by a timeframe when joining corp/TRI. Leave it to the corps to police it with a monthly status provided on the spreadsheet CPA proposed during the CEO meeting so all can see. I have allready in MCAEL started working on a spreadsheet to present to Jason Varl, and find out whom needs what in skills to get to that next benchmark in ship type. Develop the isk in corp, find out whom deservedly needs "help" (people you know that always participate in fleets), find funds in corp and get their skills injected etc. Any other help would be welcome in thoughts and ideas to build success. I know from now till end of year we need to step up our cap fleet to rival anyone that can be pushing the blue donut sov and MCAEL will be doing what we can to help prevent that whatever way we can.
  5. There's a fine line between bravery and retardation. Co2 seems to lean towards the latter while thinking themselves courageous.
  6. Most people I spoke to didn't actually hate the experience until it came time to kill the keepstar. Maybe the disparity in perception lies in your being a "whoring talwar fleet" and having no actual stake in the outcome of the fight or assets risked, amplifying the negatives of the situation and doing nothing to protect against it because you're literally irrelevant and just there for ZKB stats.
  7. TEST unironically postin' mining rules in tyool 2017. I think that reflects the state of the game more than any 30 dollar skin releases or economic report could, sadly.