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  1. "If you don't let us 1v1 you're what's killing the game" -test 2017
  2. There's a fine line between bravery and retardation. Co2 seems to lean towards the latter while thinking themselves courageous.
  3. Most people I spoke to didn't actually hate the experience until it came time to kill the keepstar. Maybe the disparity in perception lies in your being a "whoring talwar fleet" and having no actual stake in the outcome of the fight or assets risked, amplifying the negatives of the situation and doing nothing to protect against it because you're literally irrelevant and just there for ZKB stats.
  4. TEST unironically postin' mining rules in tyool 2017. I think that reflects the state of the game more than any 30 dollar skin releases or economic report could, sadly.
  5. INGME forces rallied around famed (and cute) fleet commander Capqu late last night to defend the station we took from some disgusting kraut noobs. Attempting to take advantage of INGME's status as an elite thunderdome alliance and future AT winners, Combat Wombat(dot) and their new friends, Vanguard Coalition, moved to take the system with two 30 man cerberus fleets boasting a roughly 1:1 cerberus to basilisk ratio. Unfortunately for Vanguard, INGME is notorious for its commitment and excellence at node warfare and were run ragged over the course of several hours with entosis rapiers being ganked by flycatchers and, later, gilas. Eventually, sheer attrition caused Vanguard to give up and go home. INGME took a victory lap running nodes (very fun) to cement the win.,561,564,562,558&b=7611870&e=132&t=uvvb edit - shit BR keeps fuckin up sides