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  1. While you guys bicker about an 85 year old who broke the law, got caught, and got legally pardoned you're missing the bigger piece of news. Gorka fired! Now we just need Miller for the trifecta.
  2. Apothne you need to realize this is your fault. Seraph can't help himself. You may as well ask the sun not to rise as to ask him to post sensibly.
  3. Putin hates Hillary because she realizes we're in a second cold war. She was in favor of a much more aggressive foreign policy than Obama. That means sanctions and placing US troops in our NATO allies + expanding NATO into the Baltic to protect Ukraine and Belarus. There are a bunch of reasons the GOP has for hating Clinton, but fundamentally the GOP hates as a means of attaining power. The Republicans have defined themselves as in opposition to the modern world in some vaguely defined notion. This is precisely why they are incapable of governing: they have no policies other than 'not the Democrats.' Even Mitt Romney in 2012 said his economic policies were 'What he said but better,' and Mitt is 3 orders of magnitude better than most of these schlubs.
  4. Do the right thing. Tell the supers to move solo. Eve will be alive again. Imagine the posting.