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  1. International Pepe day, 24 hours of an alt-right trolling bonanza. I almost fell off my chair when he brought Liberia as a viable example of "working with them and relocating them".(14:49 in part 2)
  2. 20 minutes of mental gymnastics. Identity politics (race, religion, tribe, "my people" whatever) appeal to the lowest common denominator and aren't really a platform when it comes to public service and nation/country-building. It is a low hanging fruit for a popularity contest. Most candidates that run on such platforms can't articulate a sane, coherent, and executable economic or foreign policy (regardless if you agree with said policy-ies or not). Recent example: Le Pen vs Macron debate. Le Pen came out as a complete ignorant mango that knows nothing about micro/macroeconomics. Had she at least spent an hour of preparation on basic economics she would have at least saved face. (this is not an endorsement of Macron). If Spencer or any other "identity politics" movement wish to celebrate their culture, by all means, they can pick a day in the year to have a festival or whatever floats their boat.
  3. In the case of EVE, single men. Long campaigns correlate with an increase in divorces and failed relationships.
  4. @Yuengling shotgu Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio waifus.
  5. @Yuengling, you had me at HBOGO.