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  1. Identity politics and the flight to the moral high-ground are the shittiest way to articulate policy and analyze events. The majority of the crowd attacking Trump on the news and politically need only to have a look in the mirror. Neo Nazis were/are acceptable (and supported) when they were killing Russians/pro-Russians in Ukraine. If politicians owned their positions it would be tolerable to listen to such hypocrisy, regardless if we have to agree with them or not. For example "fuck those guys because it is in our interest", instead of dancing around points and resorting to platitudes about moral high-ground and "democracy coating". Trump is incompetent and there is a massive leadership vacuum in the US (GOP, Dems, everything). For the last 8 years, the GOP had a massive leadership vacuum but Obama was pulling through with the Dems. Today both sides are running around with no leadership and no backbone. Blame shifting and finger pointing is not productive and is as bad as what the GOP did during Obama's 8 years (no to everything, escalation, go fuck yourself attitude).
  2. Can anyone beat this though?
  3. (10:49:11 PM) ratsalat: Vince is talking pretty big (10:52:35 PM) progodlegend: i wish you'd stop talking in there Savage *Edit: font color because fml