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  1. There is also that thread wherein Seraph cries up and down at people calling his ability to argue the pile of shit it is.
  2. That would be the executive staff (eg. Hilmar). Looking at previous CCP employees and what they've said publicly and candidly, CCP's upper staff (all Icelanders) aren't actually good at the whole "running a video game company with any common sense" stuff. I would put the focus and ire on them, not John Q Developer who was hired to make what the executive staff want happen actually happen.
  3. I will play this at the PC Bang and try and show the koreans that us waygooks know how to game.
  4. Again you're comparing a designer and a producer, which are two different positions within a game company. Also keep in mind that what CCP decides to do isn't based off what she wants, nor was it based off what Unifex wanted unless you plan to blame him and Soundwave solely for Incarna. The main point I'm making here is that it's never one persons fault for shit going wrong at a studio and to think so is silly. It's more so on the people (eg. Hilmar, et al) at the top of CCP who decide something has to be done a certain way or achieve a specific goal and then say "chop chop honey" to Seagul because that's her job as a producer. She's expected to facilitate demands by the company, not make the demands herself. This is like saying Hideo Kojima is at fault because Metal Gear Solid 5 has microtransactions, which is something that Konami (his bosses) demanded be in the game.
  5. This comparison isn't really apt as Soundwave wasn't the Lead Producer, he was the Designer. They're two very different roles. Unifex was Seagul's predecessor (excluding that one dude who filled in during the interim). Anyway, how does Seagul not care about EVE? Like where exactly are you drawing this conclusion/statement from because she worked for CCP for a few years prior to being made Lead Producer so it's a bit silly to say she doesn't care about the game.
  6. Doesn't drain my battery too much but then again I also prefer to play that shit while at my desk pretending I'm working so it's plugged into an outlet.