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  1. Bill Burr is very good at his job.
  2. I did not summon Xenuria at all. He came of his own volition.
  3. I'd sure love to hear how it's insulting someone to ask them for proof to back up their claim. LOL
  4. I'd be so bold as to say that Xenuria has far more influence on EVE and it's community than Seraph claimed he has. Edit - As well as Jayne Fillon.
  5. Where's the proof that what he said is substantiated then? So far there is none, making it hearsay. https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/hearsay *note the lack of a space.
  6. So you don't have any actual statistics to back up what you said and are relying on hearsay as proof. OK, well I can see where your argument fell apart here.
  7. Why do you keep desperately trying to get people to go to your little Discord to have them talk to someone who isn't part of this discussion nor made the original claim being referred to? It's kind of weird that you are so inet at posting EN24's stats you so readily claimed to have access to when you made the assertion you were the most read EVE writer. Even more so since you are spending a lot of time trying to avoid backing it up. So far those Alexa rankings are the only evidence provided, and they show that even your articles pull in a paltry amount of views for EN24 compared to INN's readership numbers.