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  1. It sounds like that may be the best way to do it. Big group puts out 200 duders in a real fleet, and has 50 guys in succubi do their thing. And by big group I mean goons. And by 200 duders I mean 200 gate Bosuning titans.
  2. Flyover-sec TIL what emoticon makes
  3. 1. Trump's campaign promise was to ban muslim immigration. Unlike Obama, the CIA didn't say "we have a problem" He just wanted to rally his base by banning muslims from entering the country. 2. see 1 3. He latched onto a racist movement for publicity. That makes him racist, or complicit in others racism. 4. His comments to the Vatican paint him as a batshit crazy christian who should have absolutely zero power in any government. 5. According to Donald Trump, settling lawsuits is an admission of guilt. 6. True. How does his stupid wall stop the flow of drugs and cartel personnel? They enter the country perfectly legally via visas.