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  1. cringe : the war
  2. Under the watchful eye of dexter xio, N0FUN aim their purifiers at the horde of savages and prepare to let loose (2017, decolorised) After sadly being kicked from SNOVA for inadvertently disobeying orders and visiting the restricted region of Etherium Reach, N0FUN has been struggling to find ourselves. We've resorted to waging gorilla warfare against China over in Curse. Today however, we made a great discovery. We witnessed a group of natives performing a war dance around a totem pole over in Detoridland, near a Russian colonial possession there. Alarmed by their strange behaviour, we readied our trusty Maxim purifiers and set to work at thinning the horde. While I try not to judge, the natives' strange ways are both alarming and offensive (look at those fits holy shit)
  3. sounds gayer than securitas
  4. I was just saying it's a weird coincidence because I dropped a big steaming Circle of Two earlier, and then it dropped on PL? Strange day
  5. someday bobby will look to the sky and see the bucket of fried chicken-signal, know his time has come, and return to us
  6. They're on this quixotic quest to implement mechanics based on buzzwords like 'occupancy sov', 'power projection' and 'localised content' without considering the evidence from the last few major game mechanics changes has been far from encouraging for the rest of Seagull's roadmap I could handle Phoebe, I would even say it was good in a lot of ways and could have been great with some tweaks - tweaks that either took 2 years to come or never have. Aegis is a trainwreck, and while they learned lessons from it by adding a damage component to citadels, they then spectacularly fucked it up with how Citadel timers work, stifling potential for change and ensuring that Citadels will only die if there is an overwhelming discrepancy in the defenders' strength vs the attackers. I could probably write an article or two on why Citadels are terrible for the game despite being really fucking cool as both a concept and in their functionality, but I'll spare us all that because my prosaic writing ability is nonexistent Echoing the points both n0th and capqu raise, the mining changes could be ruinous, but CCP's mad desire to make everything involve direct player action at all times leaves them seemingly unwilling to heed the implications of why these tedious activities are passive in the first place. Adding player agency to collecting rocks penalises large, non-proactive empires, sure, but it also penalises every single player involved in such a tedious activity, and has massive ramifications for those unable, or unwilling to adapt. Too bad, HTFU, you might say, and in the spirit of old Eve whose selling point was its mercilessness I'd probably agree, but people are far more informed these days and far more able to vote with their feet as the graphs in the OP show. I think all this discussion is academical though. Regardless of our opinions on the matter it's much too late to stop this juggernaut now it's rolling, CCP's glacial pace of implementation and general chauvinism as regards their decision making process means that raising a rabble serves next to no purpose, as they've demonstrated they'll never listen to concerns on the whole, though they are at least more willing to correct technical mistakes after pushing out provisional changes which don't make sense than they have been in the past. If we were dealing with a different dev I'd say wait for them to trial it and see how it turns out, but as it's CCP I have next to no faith in their ability to iterate on their patches based on the evidence of the last few. Sadly we as players are forced into a passive role of watching this as it unfolds and hoping for the least bad outcome, while the day comes ever closer when we decide it isn't worth bothering with. In the meantime I'll just continue to wring out what enjoyment I can from this game, and I do still enjoy it a lot of the time - but it's becoming more and more devoid of context. As regards the sale question, I was talking about this with capqu the other day and I mentioned Amazon Game Studios. Anything Jeff Bezos touches turns to gold so hopefully they give the game to Smedley and we either get something amazing or something terrible, and the game finally dies and I can get a girlfriend.