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  1. cringe : the war
  2. Under the watchful eye of dexter xio, N0FUN aim their purifiers at the horde of savages and prepare to let loose (2017, decolorised) After sadly being kicked from SNOVA for inadvertently disobeying orders and visiting the restricted region of Etherium Reach, N0FUN has been struggling to find ourselves. We've resorted to waging gorilla warfare against China over in Curse. Today however, we made a great discovery. We witnessed a group of natives performing a war dance around a totem pole over in Detoridland, near a Russian colonial possession there. Alarmed by their strange behaviour, we readied our trusty Maxim purifiers and set to work at thinning the horde. While I try not to judge, the natives' strange ways are both alarming and offensive (look at those fits holy shit)
  3. sounds gayer than securitas
  4. I was just saying it's a weird coincidence because I dropped a big steaming Circle of Two earlier, and then it dropped on PL? Strange day