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  1. itc we prove Einstein was wrong by watching goalposts go faster than the speed of light
  2. Looks like you got it. You just need to go full circle and realise being a fuckup would be trying to unironically debate politics based on conspiracy theory coming from /pol/ instead of producing good content.
  3. Let me totally not tell you about everything I heard about you
  4. I never commented what you call "your original point", for good reason. "Truth is a democracy" really doesn't mean shit, so I'd have a hard time disagreeing with it. You still managed to disagree with your on point by using "multiple sides" as an argument of your imagined "issue" with me being on kugu discord. My initial point, which has nothing to do with "democracy" and "truth" that you used to answer, is that almost everybody gave up debating politics, or as you like to call them "the topic" with you, because you're shit at conducting a debate in a straight line and you turn any discussion into a senseless circle, armed with dumbass arguments that can't even be contradicted, not because they're true and well exposed, but because you can't put them forward clearly and render them falsifiable. A lack of capability you decided once again to show in force :3 Alright that's enough comedy for today, bye