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  2. Space Violence is a squad dedicated to PvP inside the Imperium. Deployed in Paradise (Curse), the Violent people have decided to bring destruction to CO2, Test, and Brave in the nearby regions. From fighting T3’s and capitals in Moas, to emerging... The post Space Violence War Stories: Bringing Hell to Paradise appeared first on Imperium. View the full article
  3. I really liked the podcast. Constructive criticism would include holding your push to talk for the entire time you intend to speak so we don't hear "click-click-click-click" as you work through a thought.
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  5. Disclaimer: The following article is an opinion piece written by Seraph IX Basarab, readers’ discretion is advised. Certain people of the Goon variety whine and complain that I often critique their alliance and write little of anything else. A quick review through my article history will prove that claim wrong. I will admit that I […] View the full article
  6. Always shitpost in Mawderation
  7. Looks like they joined Initiative Mercenaries.
  8. They never put any sirens in their fucking citadels which cost me a PL blops kill.
  9. For now, this is going to be an AT series. If there's sufficient interest I'd like to something similar to the Jeffraider podcast or Shit on Kugu.
  10. Back to Brave?
  11. I'm not saying they are but where else would they go?
  12. sometimes you're ahead of the curve, sometimes the bear is on the other foot
  13. They really need to put a point defense on this shit.
  14. Holy shit they're going to GOTG? Truly a match made in dumpster heaven.
  15. In the early afternoon of May 25 the second Blood Raider Sotiyo was reinforced by 4 pilots from Dream Fleet <DRF>. The Sotiyo had spawned in the system of Z-M5A1 in Period Basis and was located on May 24 by... The post 2nd Blood Raider Sotiyo Reinforced appeared first on Imperium. View the full article
  16. lol
  17. Yeah Horde has been fighting Darwinism since the O1Y days, because my first ever Super kill was a Darwinism dude jumping his Nyx and Apostle into O1Y when he found out he was getting kicked for something.
  18. At least on EU we don't get Peruvians.
  19. Ah yes, the Searbacwtfhisnameis approach to Spectre's fleets.
  20. Hard to believe it’s already that time again, but here we are! Another year has past, and another Alliance Tournament is almost upon us! Alliance sign-ups have already come and gone, so if you were planning on getting your Alliance... The post EVE Alliance Tournament XV: Teams And Rules Announced appeared first on Imperium. View the full article
  21. Grab your thongs and get it on! Winter is fast approaching in upside down land which means it is time for Eve Down Under 2017. This is the largest Eve Online event held in the southern hemisphere and is... The post Eve Down Under 2017 appeared first on Imperium. View the full article
  22. Just over a year ago the Eve online: Citadel cinematic trailer was released. I remember the excitement I felt when I first saw the structure in that trailer. My mind was completely blown when the Rokh flew through the billboard and... The post Citadels: One Year Later appeared first on Imperium. View the full article
  23. This brings up a good point though. If women expect men to have X amount of income and a car, house etc, what is wrong with men who don't want women to sleep around? One thing is materialistic, the other thing is an issue of character. Some of the MGTOW people go full on women hating to a childish degree, but the general vibe in the previous video posted above is more or less true.
  24. Over the last 12 to 13 months CCP Games has made a series of changes intended to break multiple stereotypes associated with Eve Online and bring more players to the wonders of New Eden. EVE’s major obstacles, historically, were subscription costs, a heavy learning curve, and the extreme amount of time you needed to invest […] View the full article
  25. Never not land at zero on the hostile fleet and spam ECM bursts. Gets all the kill mails.
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