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  2. Don't worry guys, austz is gotg's strongest tz so I'm sure you won't be blobbed too hard.
  3. Darkness was apparently getting a bit too uppity for PL lmao
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  5. The game even has killboards!
  6. Fortizar deployed in HD- right across the border from MTO2:
  7. We anchored it under an alt corp so that it would be a surprise. I think we did a pretty good job at that part too. EDIT: Wait are you talking about the MTO fort? Or another one? I'm busy so I miss like, everything. EDIT:EDIT: Different fort. I guess PL is ending the war. :(
  8. So, at the end of the evening tonight, GOTG formed a full subcap fleet, a near full super + cap fleet, and a fairly sizable inty fleet. Horde brought a Mach fleet as well with a strong ECM wing, and PL brought maybe 50-75 supers to knock down the TEST fortizar that they chose to anchor under an alt corp (Sort will say that it is because they are afraid, and TEST members will of course claim that that isn't the case). Confused as to why PGL and friends would have deployed north if they were uninterested in fighting, surely you understood what it was that you were getting into when you deployed up here?
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  10. The guys had to start the show early on this 46th episode of The Mind Clash Podcast so Meredudd could go play the hockey stick and Kael could get … [visit site to read more] View the full article
  11. The really funny part of that mess is that it was publicly available document that kicked off this fit.
  12. just another day in trump's perfectly well-run white house
  13. It has a lot of the things EVE players enjoy like PVP, loot/gear drops from PVP, scamming, stealing, spying, blobbing, etc. The main thing is playing a nerd game with nerds you play EVE with.
  14. So I'm too lazy to actually make a thread for this, but tell me why as a eve player I'd enjoy albion. I'm seeing a lot of eve players enjoy it, but I'd like to hear why from someone who does, and again, I'm way too lazy to make a thread for it
  15. Today, Blizzard released a much-awaited new hero, Doomfist, as well as several balance changes, a new highlights system, and changes to loot boxes that promises to reduce the frequency of duplicate items. Separately, Blizzard also announced a crackdown on player... The post New Hero, Balance Tweaks, More in Overwatch Patch appeared first on INN. View the full article
  16. Amamake, Heimatar. On the 26th of July at 23:00 Eve time, an Opux Dragoon Yacht undocked from a HYDRA RELOADED <HYDRA> Keepstar-class citadel and was promptly destroyed. Twitch streamer, CEO of White Knight Social Club, Eve NT, and Alliance Tournament, commentator Rahne Chocolate undocked from the Amamake HYDRA Keepstar in her personal Opux Dragoon Yacht. […] View the full article
  17. Gold Cup against Jamaica was awesome. Go USA
  18. you can, it just has to be in wow
  19. The problem with eve nerds is no one goes outside so I can't smug about fishing
  20. The mysterious Blood Raider Sotiyo has once again been conquered by Goonswarm Federation. Being first in line to the BR Sotiyo is nothing new to the Imperium of course, having been the first coalition to destroy one upon their release... The post Goonswarm Federation takes down BR Sotiyo v2.0 in Delve appeared first on INN. View the full article
  21. you sound like a girlfriend who's in denial saying "nuh uh... i broke up with you first" Clearly i don't want to join you
  22. if you are bitching about 30% tax then we don't want you... 30% is a miser, most guilds are running with 80% tax....
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