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  2. Assuming the FBI wiretapping continued after election day, does that mean Trump is wiretapping himself?
  3. no, not "obama" or "trump", read more slowly no, i didn't call you retarded for that, try again who the fuck knows, i never said that he was a russian agent maybe manafort didn't do anything wrong? maybe the FBI leverage the info to target other people in the end? maybe there is still an ongoing investigation and the FBI isn't exactly known for publicly sharing shit?
  4. So you admit Obama wire tapped Trump but i'm retarded because "well it happened to other people." That makes sense. Let's see if you can rub your 2 IQ points together for this one: If Manafort has been wire tapped since 2004 until 2017 and he's a "Russian agent" why the hell do we not have any proof of Russia and Trump working together after so long of a time? I mean we got the golden boy, Putin's numero dos in America wire tapped for so long and yet there's no evidence coming out? Why is that?
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  6. i'm sure there was plenty of people who stayed at trump's hotels while being wiretapped by the FBI before and apparently by your definition that counts so yeah you're retarded
  7. well shit. Also fucking James Woods is red pilled af
  8. Trump tower was wire tapped. Trump tower belongs to Trump. Hence why Trump's stuff was wire tapped.
  9. You mean Paul Manafort's stuff being wire tapped...
  10. TIL the executive branch can't direct the FBI according to Charmide. Someone should let them know soon because they've been doing that for literally always. Listen I'm not debating the circumstances on what was or wasn't done prior. Just stating that Trump was right about his stuff being wire tapped. Whatever other details used to justify it in your mind doesn't change that fact.
  11. The events of the so called Judgement Day will have escaped no one. It sent waves that reached as far as the mainstream media, and has people … [visit site to read more] View the full article
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  13. Disclaimer: The following story is a submission. All statements made in the following article are from the writer and not from EN24. Survivalists call it the Golden Horde effect: after a disaster in a high-density area, survivors swarm out of ground zero in search of safety, and wipe everything off the map. Some say it doesn’t […] View the full article
  14. Wasn't a shooting star; it was an asteroid. You're already dead; rip
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  16. The Agency announces a new wave of military subcontracts for freelancing capsuleers. Funded by an entity called “The Quartermaster”, these contracts offer rewards for Sleeper or Drifter trinary data caches. Arataka Research Consortium, in turn, offers bounty for Trinary artifacts to anyone who can safely deliver those to ARC personnel. View the full article
  17. Doing political work for a foreign government is the exact definition of a foreign agent. You have to register with the US government as a foreign agent. I repeat, if Trump "was right" then that means that he KNEW that Paul Manafort was compromised by Russia and worked with him anyway.
  18. They are your blues, why don't you ask them?
  19. hurr durr derp derp I guess the retarded part of trump's fanclub like seraph here don't get that the FBI is supposed to be independent and not your personal bitch you ask "loyalty" from and call when you're in trouble politically That's exactly what the "left wing spectrum of the political class" said back in march btw. which calls back to exactly what bisu said but seem to fly over your head: for trump to be right for once, Obama would have to have ordered it. So nothing "relevant" happened, you just happened to switch subjects because you were looking like an idiot again... and now you're doing it again. Can't flee from yourself fam. also i'd like everyone to remember seraph is not carrying any flag for anyone, just blaming OBUMA personally for no reason as well as the entire "left wing spectrum of the political class" for stuff that was never said
  20. The world of tabletop gaming is largely overshadowed by the classic Dungeons and Dragons. With this comes the idea and stigma of enthusiastic nerds playing a game with overly complicated rules. Coincidentally, this same stereotype can be applied to Eve... The post Game Review: Prowlers and Paragons appeared first on INN. View the full article
  21. so burn test and them to low sec again? fc when do?
  22. I don't give a fuck. Point is Trump was right. Obama had his shit wire tapped and the entire media and left wing spectrum of the political class denied it up and down with 100 percent assurance. WRONG
  23. Dude the feds have thought he was a spy since 2006. You can't blame Obama for that lol
  24. Doesn't make him a "russian agent" anymore than me doing some shit for goons years ago makes me a "goon agent." You got power brokers and lobbyists that will work for whoever.
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