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  2. Message me in-game if you want to submit topics to talk about in the next episode or guest on it. Subscribe for regular Podcasts, content and more… Check out updates on my Twitter → 1:27 AF/HAC Changes Retrospective 8:54 Battleship Changes 14:48 The Monitor 22:30 Citadel Changes & Low Power Mode 30:00 Jump & […] View the full article
  3. If you would like to discuss this dev blog, feel free to head on over to the feedback thread on the official forums. Greetings Capsuleers, Planetary Interaction was introduced back in the Tyrannis expansion in 2010. There have not been many changes made to the system since then but that is about to change. With […] View the full article
  4. Header art by Smultar Eve does funny things to people. When I first started playing way back in 2007, I never cared much about the game itself – it was about my tribe. As a Something Awful goon, I felt... The post A Small Gang Roam to the North – FanFest 2018 After-Action Report appeared first on INN. View the full article
  5. At approximately 20:00 on April 22, Pandemic Legion launched a devastating attack against a Rorqual belonging to Initiative Associates, destroying the nearly three-billion-ISK mining ship in exchange for a mere 250 billion ISK, including 80 dreadnoughts and numerous subcapital ships.... The post Pandemic Legion destroys Rorqual in Fountain, loses 80 dreadnoughts appeared first on INN. View the full article
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  7. I’ve been writing about Eve since 2011. Throughout my time doing so, I’ve mostly focused on Eve politics critiquing the ongoings of nullsec alliances. More often than not I have been harsh where I felt that it was needed and leveled criticism where it was merited. I have criticized my own alliance’s actions during the […] View the full article
  8. It's almost time.
  9. April 21, UAxDeath called a coalition meeting of the Drone Region Federation to discuss their current situation and their future moves. The background for this meeting is the ongoing incursion into their space by Skill Urself (including a Keepstar kill... The post DRF Coalition Meeting – Pulling back to Insmother appeared first on INN. View the full article
  10. If you’ve been following /r/Eve, you will have noted the dramatic flip of a SLYCE Fortizar earlier today. While there has been quite a lot of talk about it, the motives have not been known. EN24 was able to get in contact with both defector King Voodoo, and his erstwhile corp CEO, Rush Crosix. Voodoo’s […] View the full article
  11. There have been a lot of changes in EVE in the last year. It is very exciting. Planetary Interaction (PI) was introduced to EVE Online in Tyrannis, released May 26, 2010. This, the thirteenth expansion of EVE, gave players the... The post Into the Abyss: Planetary Interactions Changes appeared first on INN. View the full article
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  13. On April 15th, 2018, Gnomelands released a video announcing their victory over Vendetta Mercenary Group. lil pheonix, of Danger Gnomes, was kind enough to take some time and fill me in on the details of their recent coup and why it mattered. The alliance was functionally disbanded and reformed with a vision true to their […] View the full article
  14. Guardians of the Galaxy lost a number of carriers as well as more than fifty dreadnoughts in a battle in Deklein today, April 21, at about 1400. The battle took place on a GOTG Raitaru, as carriers and Feroxes formed... The post GOTG loses capital ships in fight over Imperium Fortizar in VFK appeared first on INN. View the full article
  15. At 1404 EVE today, EN24 was made aware that a SLYCE Fortizar in VFK was flipped to Goonswarm. It appears that King Voodoo, a senior director in the alliance stole 300 billion ISK in the process. This is the latest in a string of high-profile defections from Guardians of the Galaxy. Though this loss is […] View the full article
  16. Most of you by now should be aware that one of the main focuses of this years fanfest in Iceland was a new type of NPCs that will be coming to New Eden, alongside all the things that go with it. Otherwise known as the Triglavians. With the introduction of these NPCs comes new modules, […] View the full article
  17. At Fanfest we have heard a host of new developments which have come out of the presentations, panels, and question & answer periods players had the opportunity to attend. To that end, several interesting facets of game and user interface... The post Fanfest: Game Design and UI Panel appeared first on INN. View the full article
  18. As a first time attendee of Fanfest, and also a part of the pair of EN24 correspondents included in the CCP media group, I went into this doubting whether or not I’d be able to give a 1st timer’s perspective as well as maintain an unbiased approach. I would like to first off publicly thank […] View the full article
  19. Unless you’ve been living under a wormhole, you’ll have heard that Kenshin suffered a serious theft yesterday. Kenshin is a major PVP corporation in DARKNESS. alliance, and a key element of the Guardians of the Galaxy coalition. This morning, their leader, Vlade Randal, held a corp meeting. The link is below but in summary, he […] View the full article
  20. Kael, Asherothi, and Mike Azariah talk about Fanfest, Fanfest, and more Fanfest! Triglavians, Instanced PVE, New Ships, more details on … [visit site to read more] View the full article
  21. EN24 is doing an open call for writers, storytellers, and reporters interested in making internet spaceship news an integral part of their Eve Online experience. We are seeking writers and staff from all regions and segments of New Eden (i.e. ‘Null-Sec’, ‘High-Sec’, ‘Low-Sec’, Faction Warfare, Industry, PvP, PvE, etc). It is our hope to provide […] View the full article
  22. In part one and part two of “Blurring the Lines,” INN explored several ways in which EVE Online reaches its fingers into a person’s real life. Sometimes this takes the form of players learning social skills in the game that... The post Blurring the Lines 3: Depression, Anxiety, and Spaceships appeared first on INN. View the full article
  23. As part of the Keynote speech this year at the annual EVE Fanfest celebration it was announced by CCP that the previously named Project Aurora has now been titled EVE: War of Ascension. Whilst some may have thought that an announcement made on PlayRaven’s website, the developer in partnership with CCP for this project, was […] View the full article
  24. According to an announcement at 1805 on April 19 by Asher Elias, a major theft from the Guardians of the Galaxy coalition has been carried out by Imperium operatives. Assets stolen include 1 Keepstar and all Deklein Fortizars owned by... The post Imperium operatives abscond with GotG Keepstar, Fortizars appeared first on INN. View the full article
  25. A friend of mine poked me on discord soon after they saw my article about how Earth fits into EVE’s lore as a whole, and they asked me a question that I hadn’t really considered in all that much depth:... The post How much does New Eden actually know about Earth? appeared first on INN. View the full article
  26. The question of how Eve has avoided cosplayfication is an interesting one, which has numerous explanations. Is it one thing to dress up as a favorite character in a movie and series and quite another to do so with a character you essentially develop yourself in a game? Halo fanatics don’t think so. Perhaps it […] View the full article
  27. The biggest shake-up in the history of Frontier’s “Elite Dangerous” was the introduction of engineering with the Horizons update. This system allowed players to take materials, which were collected via various game activities but were unavailable from markets, and spend... The post With Mutaplasmids, CCP is Playing a “Dangerous” Game appeared first on INN. View the full article
  28. This year’s Fanfest left me with the most ambivalent feeling among the five I have been to and the many presentations I have watched from those … [visit site to read more] View the full article
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